Why Should I Use Ready-Mix Concrete?

Why Using Ready-Mix Concrete is the Best Choice For Your Project

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You have likely heard of ready-mix concrete and the various uses that this material offers in terms of construction projects or home projects. There are a number of materials available on the market but why is ready-mix concrete one of the most popular building materials in the world? As there is a lot of contradicting information on the internet – we have created this comprehensive guide, discussing ready-mix concrete and why you should use this material in your construction or home project. 


At SMC Minimix Concrete, we are one of the leading providers of ready-mix concrete in Shropshire. This has allowed us to build a client base over the years that love using our concrete services and has also allowed us to develop a variety of mixes and bespoke mixes to match your requirements to the letter.


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Using Ready-Mix Concrete


Ready-mix concrete is such a popular construction material because of the fact that it is used in so many applications. If you look at modern buildings, areas of motorways or roads, they more than likely feature ready-mix concrete in their construction. It’s not just coincidence or convenience that makes ready-mix concrete so popular, there are a variety of benefits that make ready-mix concrete the superior building material:


  • Bespoke mixes are available which can be completely changed to suit project requirements. This ensures that ready-mix concrete is a bespoke material that can be tailored to many different projects and this is one of the principal reasons as to why you will see it in so many projects.

  • Ready-mix concrete is extremely strong which again makes it ideally suited for a broad range of projects. Concrete also offers load-bearing capacity – which ensures that concrete is ideally suited for roadworks and other structures such as bridges. This extends the use of concrete to domestic projects such as garden shed bases where heavier equipment is being stored and concrete driveways.

  • Environmental resistance is also a key property of ready-mix concrete as the resulting structure will be able to resist elemental damage. Finishes can be applied in certain cases to increase resistances to rarer environmental issues such as acid rain. Generally speaking, agents are added to the mix to reduce cracking and damage from frost. Concrete is also naturally highly resistant to rain and wear and tear and can also be repaired should accidental significant damage occur.


You Can Use Ready-Mix For Your Project Today


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Ready-mix concrete can be used in your specific project today. All that is required is to discuss your specifications, as well as the applications that are required for your personally delivered concrete and your specialist such as SMC Minimix Concrete, will deliver your personalised ready-mix concrete directly to you. 


Should you be looking for ready-mix concrete in Shropshire – unlike many suppliers of ready-mix concrete, we won’t ‘dump and run’ – meaning if you need to use wheelbarrows to offload the concrete, we’ll co-operate! All we ask is that you let us know beforehand.


Concrete can be used for a huge amount of projects and we are more than happy to supply you with the concrete that you need as well as the relevant mix that you require.


No project is too big or small for our team and we will be happy to advise you on the applications of your concrete and any other concrete service that you may require.


To get in touch with our ready-mix concrete experts, use an online contact form on our website or telephone our team directly now.