Recently I needed a relatively small amount of concrete for flooring a shed, one of those load sizes that fall between small and not too small. So I cast around, thinking I would try to borrow a mixer, buy the materials and do the job myself.

The sums involved were pretty stirring stuff, if you’ll pardon the pun until somebody tipped me off about Shropshire Mini-Mix who specialise in supplying more modest loads of concrete, deliver it to as near your site as they can get and stay with you until the full load is off the lorry. None of this dropping the whole load and scarpering off down the drive to the next job, leaving you battling with a rapidly drying heap of the stuff.

Furthermore, on arrival, the driver, obviously moved by my fragile appearance, offered to help unload with my spare barrow, gave advice and even helped level the service – a real mate.

But wait for it. The cost of this whole brilliant service, which arrived precisely on time as booked, came to exactly half the most expensive quote I had for the materials, unmixed, and with extra for delivery. Even the cheapest quote only equalled Mini-mix, still leaving hours of labour, finding a mixer, etc. Plus no advice or offer to help.

Their telephone number is 01939 250986. And no, I am not on commission. But if they were a quoted company I would certainly be having a word with my broker.

Michael T

I recently had the daunting yet exciting task of renewing my concrete driveway. Having not actually done a job like this before, I gave SMC a call for a rough price and some advice. The gentleman I spoke to explained the full prep and lay requirements and a ballpark price until I had exact measurements and was extremely helpful. The quantity I required was 3 cubic meters and although SMC was slightly more expensive than other quotes I chose them to supply the load due to the promise of service they gave me.

My delivery arrived on time and the driver greeted me with a handshake, a smile and his offer of help. He helped with the wheelbarrowing of the load, helped level and tamper and gave advice on aftercare and setting times etc etc.

The service far exceeded expectation and the price was only slightly higher than the next cheapest quote (£25) and I only felt it fair to give the driver a little extra for his trouble.

They are well advertised and they do exactly as they say on the tin.

Steve T