Concrete Home Projects

Using Concrete in Home Projects

Transporting Concrete With Wheelbarrows

Concrete is a hugely diverse material that is used across a wide range of different projects. Home projects are not different – with a huge range of projects needing high-quality concrete. We have supplied high-quality ready-mix concrete to many clients that are looking to complete home projects that may not necessarily know a lot about concrete. This allows us to help you with your home project and advise you on the concrete that you need as well as the recommended mix that you will need during your project.


From concrete shed bases, concrete driveways to concrete pavers – we can help you in your domestic project. We support both domestic and commercial clients and no project is too big or too small for our time. This allows us to provide the support and expertise that we offer for our commercial clients in a domestic project or capacity.


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Why Do I Need Concrete?


Concrete is widely applied to a wide array of projects due to the wide range of constructional benefits. Concrete is extremely strong especially when extensive weight is applied. Concrete is also highly weather resistant which makes it the perfect choice for garden or outdoor projects. Using a ready-mix concrete delivery is perfect for homeowners who may not necessarily know the ins and outs of concrete and the way in which concrete is manufactured. This allows us to use our expertise to help you with your domestic project and provide you with the concrete that you need when you need it. But which projects can use the delivery of high-quality ready-mix concrete?

Concrete Shed Bases


Concrete shed bases are ideally suited for your shed and are simple to install when using our expert team. A concrete shed base is the strongest form of concrete foundation – being highly durable at all seasons and resists extreme weather such as frost. A level concrete shed floor is perfect for adding a second timber level which can be used to raise the floor should you require this. Another benefit of concrete shed bases is that you can store machinery and wet objects on the shed floor. This is great for those that are looking to use their garden shed as a storage space and for those that need to store items after use when carrying out some gardening. 


Although some work is required to install a concrete shed base – it is by far the most durable and resistant shed base that is available. Timber or other materials can struggle with the regular use of your shed or general wear and tear so concrete shed bases are always recommended in these instances. There’s no doubt that a concrete shed base is the best base to use if you are looking for durability and a shed base that is built to last.


Concrete for Concrete Driveways


Concrete is perfectly suited for driveways due to the fact that it is highly load bearing which is perfect for heavy vehicles being parked on the driveway. Compared to asphalt driveways – concrete lasts for a lot longer with the average concrete driveway lasting around 50 to 60 per cent longer than asphalt. 


There’s no doubt that a concrete driveway looks absolutely sublime. Concrete will match a wide array of properties and the extended benefit is that a team of concrete experts can help you install the concrete that is required for your driveway. Asphalt can struggle with heavy loads and larger vehicles – becoming damaged over time with extensive use of the driveway.


Concrete is also highly heat reflective. A driveway being too hot in the summer can be uncomfortable for homeowners if they choose to not wear shoes and asphalt gets extremely hot as it is a highly heat absorbent material. As anyone who has walked on or touched an asphalt driveway will know – they actually get extremely hot making it possible to be burned just upon touching the surface. Concrete reflects heat away which is ideally suited for periods in which a heatwave is scorching the surface.


Asphalt also absorbs a lot of light which can pose lighting issues with your driveway when it is dark. Asphalt driveways requiring lighting if you are looking to increase visibility whereas concrete absorbs less light, therefore, requiring less lighting. There is an added final bonus of adding the overall value to your property. Investments such as driveways make homes highly attractive to potential buyers – so when it’s time to sell your home you can use your driveway as a selling point.


Using Concrete Pavers in a Home Project

Concrete pavers are the perfect choice for home projects with a huge range of uses. From gardens to driveways, patios and any outdoor surface. Concrete is a perfect choice, having a huge range of practical applications and being perfectly suited for outdoor use. There’s a huge range of different colourations and style of concrete paver that are available to suit a huge range of homes. As concrete pavers are designed to imitate other materials, you can enjoy all of the benefits of concrete whilst styling the type of paving or the material that you want to mimic. Concrete pavers are also created to offer superior strength for outdoor applications which is ideally suited for a home project. Concrete pavers are also designed to be resistant to cracking and elemental damage – an additional benefit compared to some types of stone. Concrete pavers are low-maintenance, requiring a slight bit of cleaning every few months or when they become dirty. This is perfect when compared to other materials as this means that less time is spent cleaning the pavers.


We have provided high-quality ready mix concrete and concrete pavers to our clients for many years. This allows us to help you when you are looking to carry out a project that includes the use of concrete. If you are creating a concrete driveway, concrete shed base or need concrete pavers – we can help you.


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