5 Hidden Uses of Concrete

Concrete is typically known for its heavyweight, energy-intensive manufacturing process and lacklustre, dull surface finish. Though, it doesn’t have the be hidden between floors and on stairwells. Concrete actually has much more to offer than just structural stability and a hard-wearing finish. It can produce stylish accessories to suit your home, modern designs and other decors, yet still with function in mind. So, if you are looking to add some more distinct features to your home or garden, read on to find out more, as we have listed some of our favourite hidden uses of concrete.

1. Use it for Outdoor Fun

Concrete’s main appeal is of course in its hard-wearing finish. Yet, this can be used to an advantage for a range of outdoor structures.

This includes a concrete Ping Pong table, which can be used outdoors and is resilient against the weather. This is also a multipurpose option which can double as a dining surface in the summer.

Concrete is also an excellent material for outdoor patio accents such as fire pits. They offer both a cosy warmth and an unparalleled outdoor ambience. This design doesn’t have to be complicated, as simple designs emphasise ease of use and functionality but can also add some modern style as well. Yet as concrete is also such as high-performance material it will provide you with outstanding resistance to wet weather and it’ll fare well during cold weather too.

2. Hardwearing Kitchen Accents

As long as you have a sturdy base that will support the weight, a slab of concrete can easily provide a stylish, durable surface for your kitchen. It’s also an excellent way to give your kitchen a unique look and concrete will require very little maintenance.

Concrete is also an excellent material for a sink, as it is easy to clean and stands up to impact, dings and scratches. What’s more, to keep its finish you will only need to reseal it once and it will last for years to come compared to other materials.

3. A Hardwearing Garden Structure

Concrete may not be the most obvious material for constructing a garden shed, however, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people are opting to build concrete sheds as opposed to the classic wooden ones. A concrete shed will be able to withstand a lot more harsh weather and use compared to their wooden counterparts and will last a lot longer.

4. Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are hard wearing and custom made, which will give you full choice over the design and shape. Also, concrete is incredibly strong and versatile, making it perfect for a pool structure. We may not be able to design the swimming pool for you, but we can provide you with high-quality concrete for the job.

5. Hardstanding for Jacuzzis and Hot tubs

Concrete hard standings form an important base for jacuzzis and hot tubs, as they will prevent any damage being made to the ground beneath and protect the jacuzzi or hot tub for years.

Concrete from SMC Mini Mix Concrete

Concrete is an extremely versatile material and can be used for a wide variety of applications. We hope this article has shown you how it’s not as dull as you may have previously thought.

Here at SMC Mini Mix Concrete, we can supply high-quality ready-mix concrete for a range of different applications, to help you complete your project to the highest standard. Whatever you have planned, we can provide the concrete you need.

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